NAVODAYA KNOWLEDGE CITY..                         नवोदय के बाद नव उदय


an initiative by JNV fraternity.…




A humongous group of highly cohesive people sharing the same umbilical cord that unfailingly keeps it connected to its alma mater, the JNV. The alumni group strives to live up to the motto of its alma mater – 'Come to Learn go to Serve', by creating a centre of excellence for teaching, training, coaching and skill development…………




'If you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs', famously said an industrialist who went on to establish one of India's biggest conglomerates. It's with same ethos that we exhort you to be a part of our exciting foray and help us create wealth for all the stakeholders.


NKC’s mission is to have a profound and transcendental impact on society through continual innovation in education, training, creativity and skill development, and by creating an unprecedented one-roof, multi domain institute of education and skill development by 2025.  


NKC strives to create a robust and extensive alumni interface by roping in every single alumnus/alumna of all JNVs as stakeholder on the contrary it aims to provide and facilitate every student with a conducive and customized learning environment to accomplish his/her career goals with a strong emphasis on excellence and personality development.


Education can lead to the world you need.

"Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students."         -  Solomon Ortiz 

NKC at Present 

Navodaya Knowledge CIty, having its centre in RPS more Patna has Residential capacity of 150 Girls and 100 Boys and day scholar seats of 250 students. The set of faculties, ambiance, monitoring  and guidance make it unique in many ways. The vision persists the nourishment of Aspirants of JEE/NEET with a unique concept of all sorts of institutional facilities under one roof having target of  90% selection.


Unique at NKC

  • Guest lectures  by eminent educationists.
  • Mentor Mentee System: Personal/Professional Guidance& Counselling.
  • Certified Value added & Self Study Courses.
  • Provision for Anti-ragging committee, student Grievance & Internal Compliance cell Campus.
  • Lecture cum Discussion sessions by NKC faculties.
  • Explanations & Narrations.
  • No Mobile phone allowed in the campus.
  • Daily Three Hours Doubt sessions.
  • Test analysis & doubt clearing by IITians & Aiims Doctors.
  • 24 Hrs surveillance. Best for girls.
  • NKC campus is really a unique environment for those who want to make their dream come true.


***  NKC has  unique concept of complete Education facility under one roof.

We have Residential facilities of faculties and students in same campus. Our Daily lectures of six hours  and three hours doubt sessions shape students in different way.

Course Structure

  • Complete Syllabus completion in 14 continuous months
  • Two times Intensive revision
  • 100 Marathon Test Series
  • Fortnightly Test
  • Monthly Part test
  • Monthly Test Ananlysis by IITians and AIIMS doctors
  • Motivational Lectures and finger tips by experienced IITians and Doctors
  • Individual Counselling at regular interval.

NKC at Present

Navodaya Knowledge City is a society / Hub which gives, “Better, Faster, Safer and Smarter’ career to the deserving students. It has the best delivering mechanism for best practices and procedures, Training / Study Materials, collaboration and expertise while maintaining total educational value and security. In Future NKC will be involved in effective and efficient knowledge management activities for capturing and leveraging its rich tacit knowledge base and encourages and supports the externalization and consequent re-use of knowledge.

  The report set the tone for education becoming available across the state, quality being improved and education also being  inclusive. The vision of NKC aims to makes this institute work around the clock with greater autonomy and to develop as all time solution for a knowledge centre.

NKC has been established with a firm commitment to foster a holistic approach to facilitate and promote studies and research in emerging areas of education. 

NKC follows the fundamental principles what it calls the “ Art of Skill Development of the under privileged youth”, a humanitarian and philanthropic concept of social Empowerment and inclusive Growth.

At present NKC has started with 100 aspirants of JEE/NEET, all under one roof.